Deep in the Heart of Texas

CommunitySupport.  Encouragement. Friendship.

Together we can create a strong Texas voiceover community that fights for fair rates, high standards,
confidence in our voices and in one another

On this page you will find a list of established voiceover meetup and workout groups and info on how to join.  

Coming soon, local and statewide Lone Star VO networking events!  Check back here for more info! To find specific community event times, check the calendar page and search by category (location) and tag (workout, networking.)  

Lone Star VO Weekly Workout

Weekly VO Workouts covering a wide range of topics.  Online & In-person. 1st Sunday, 2nd Monday, 3rd Tuesday & 4th Wednesday of the month.  Check the FB group for this week’s topic and to RSVP.  Open to all Texas Voice Talent!

Lone Star VO Monthly Meetup

Once a month we get together to chat, meet new friends and get to know the Texas voiceover community.  Meetups are held in various locations around Austin.  Check the FB group for this month’s location & to RSVP.  

Austin Voice Over Artists Workout

We’re a group of voice over artists in and around Austin, Texas. We welcome members at all levels of experience and working in all different markets. Our MeetUps are voice over workouts, in which we take turns doing reads and giving each other direction. We also network and talk about the industry.

Dallas Voice Acting Meet Up Group

Started in 2006, with over 150 meetups and over 1,000 members.  Join the FB group for more info.

Houston VO Script Workout

Monthly VO Script workouts for working pros only.  Join the FB group for more info. 

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