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Get the most out of your voiceover career with private coaching from some of the top VO talent in the industry! Private lessons are available through Skype, Facetime, Source Connect, Telephone and in-studio with some instructors. Package deals are available under “Workshops & Events” then click on “Prepaid” on the right hand side of the page.
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$50 – 15 minute review
$75 – 30 minute audition coaching session

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Private Coaching
w/Lindsay Sheppard

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$175 – 1 hour session

$700 – 5 session prepaid package

-VO Business Coaching
-VO Performance  
-Career Strategy

Video Games & Apps
Anime & ADR
Kid & Teen Voices
Creature Sounds
Corporate Narration
Explainer Videos

Lindsay Sheppard has been a voice actress for over 20 years working all sides of the voiceover industry, from anime and games to commercials and narration and even working side by side with her husband to run The Sheppard Agency, a national voiceover talent agency. She is also the founder of Lone Star VO, a community and education resource for Texas based voice talent. Throughout her career, she has voiced over a hundred characters and thousands of commercials and narrations for companies like Disney, Nintendo, Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola and more.

Private Coaching
w/Lena Hill

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$105 – 1 hour session

$500 – 5 session prepaid package
$790 – 8 session prepaid package

-VO Vocal Technique

Vocal Technique
Vocal Health
Vocal Stamina

Lena has been a professional performer for over 15 years specializing in opera, choral music, musical theatre, acting, technique and pedagogy. She has performed at Carnegie Hall, Disney Concert Hall, Meyerson Symphony hall and many others.

Private Coaching 
w/Rob Reed

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$150 – 1 hour session

$600 – 5 session prepaid package

Specialties: Automotive
Radio Imaging

Private Coaching w/Steph Lynn Robinson

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$125 – 1 hour session

-Nailing Animation Copy
 -Breaking down a script
 -Creating Dynamic & Memorable Characters
-The ABC technique that makes your auditions stand out
 -Techniques to stretch your range and diversify your voices
 -Kid and Teen Voices for adults

Network Animation

Steph Lynn Robinson is an award-nominated voiceover actress best known for her animation work. Having worked on both sides of the glass—as a performer and on the production side—Steph Lynn has a unique perspective on what makes an audition pop! She has recorded nearly a hundred episodes of animated television. She is also a regular contributor to Backstage Magazine’s ‘Expert Advice’ column on all things VO.